• "Remember Me is an excellent first novel. Mary McCarthy can tell a story and breathe life in to her characters."
    - The Examiner.
  • "The whole subject of adoption is dealt with sensitively.
    An enjoyable read."

    U Magazine
  • "It's a sure fire winner."
    The Star
  • "Remember Me reveals the inherent hypocrisy of the Irish family but also its great capacity for love and support in the face of hardship."
    The Examiner
  • "This book keeps you turning the pages..."
  • "A natural communicator."
    The Star

Welcome to the website of Mary J McCarthy

mary-mccarthy-bookshop-tour Mary McCarthy Bookshop Tour – Great Irish Writers

These are photos of the Mary McCarthy Bookshop Tour, visiting booksellers in Dublin to sign copies of her novel After the Rain. You can click on the images below to see an enlargement. Mary McCarthy Bookshop Tour After the Rain Bookshop Tour Book Synopsis: How would you react if you were diagnosed with terminal cancer? How would you feel? This is the situation for Emer Dorgan, a librarian in her fifties who has been looking...
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mary-mccarthy-bookshop-tour Mary McCarthy Easons Article – Best Female Writers

Mary McCarthy Easons Article, original item can be read here In Mary McCarthy’s latest novel, After the Rain, the main character discovers she has terminal cancer. Mary wrote it to help her deal with her brother’s death in 2001. Just months before the book’s release in August, Mary herself was diagnosed with the same illness – a tragic case of life imitating art. Here she discusses her experiences writing about a difficult, yet universal, subject....
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mary-mccarthy-journal-article Mary McCarthy Journal Article – Famous Women Authors

When Mary McCarthy began to write about a character in her book who was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she never imagined a few years later she would find herself in the same circumstances. This is her article for the journal.ie I STARTED MY book, After the Rain, eight years ago. It was a story about a woman with terminal cancer and how she and her family had to learn to deal with it. This March I...
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irish-independent-mary-mccarthy Irish Independent Book Worm – Best Female Authors

Irish Independent book worm review of After the Rain by Mary McCarthy When John Boyne’s The Boy With the Striped Pjyamas was first released, the publishers refused to divulge the book’s content on the dust jacket, believing that readers would shy away from the concentration camp topic and miss out on a brilliant book. Perhaps Mary McCarthy’s publishers, Poolbeg, should have done the same for this touching novel which features another taboo topic. The main...
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mary-mccarthy-northside-people-interview Mary McCarthy Northside People

Monday, October 1, 2012 12:00 Life imitates art for terminally ill author By Aoibhinn Twomey IT’S the cruellest case of life imitating art for a Northside author who, like the character she wrote about eight years ago, has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. The tragic irony isn’t lost on author Mary McCarthy, from Glasnevin, who jokes that she should have written about winning the lotto in her book ‘After the Rain’, which has just been...
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mary-mccarthy-hot-press-interview Press about Mary McCarthy – Irish Authors

Welcome to the press section of Mary’s website. Here you can see, listen to and read about Mary’s appearances on tv, radio and print. While all of her articles can be read, some of her radio and tv appearances are no longer available. Radio Interview on Near Fm October 22nd, 2012. Northside People Interview with Mary McCarthy October 10th, 2012. “Life imitates art for terminally ill author”. Read more… Irish Independent Weekend Review Article for...
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after-the-rain After the Rain – Best Selling Female Authors

After the Rain book synopsis How would you react if you were diagnosed with terminal cancer? How would you feel? After the Rain This is the situation for Emer Dorgan, a librarian in her fifties who has been looking forward to early retirement and the freedom to pursue her hobbies and dreams. Coming to terms with the awful prognosis is Emer’s biggest challenge but it also permeates the lives of those who love her. Good...
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mary-mccarthy-northside-people About Mary McCarthy – Irish Writers

Personal life Article about Irish author Mary McCarthy Mary J McCarthy was an Irish novelist who was born in November 1951, to Emily and Denis McCarthy, the only daughter after four sons. She maintains that growing up with four older brothers prepared her well for coping with life! Two of her brother have died from cancer and Mary herself was diagnosed with secondary cancer in March 2012, ironically having begun her fifth novel on this...
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shame-the-devil-mary-mccarthy Shame the Devil – Good Books for Women to Read

Synopsis of Shame the Devil by Irish author Mary McCarthy Amy Kennedy, partially dressed, lies on top of a creased duvet. Her eyes are half open. A year after mother’s death, her depression threatens to engulf her. Her mother’s cruel and violent tones still rage in her head. “No tears, no tears now or I’ll give you something to cry about.” She is alone. Married but alone. Her husband, Maurice, a kind man and a...
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crescendo-mary-author Crescendo – Irish Female Authors

Synopsis of Crescendo by Irish author Mary McCarthy Michelle Bolger has always been in control. She pursues her career in music while managing to keep a devoted lover, a difficult mother and her own dark dreams at bay. Music is her passion and her life. Her talent sustains her. Despite her strong personality, she is haunted by a sense of foreboding which rules her life. It follows her everywhere, even on a ten-day trip to...
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